Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dr. Garcia's "5 Rs and 1 T"

As I reflect on Dr. Garcia's "5 Rs and 1 T" and my teaching approach I came up with the following changes I should make to be more effective in the classroom.

1. Respectful - I feel I have a very respectful relationship with my students. On the first day I always share with my students that I respect them as long as they respect me.

2. Responsive - I think I should work on this a little bit. I

3. Responsible - Students should always be responsible for their work and actions and as an educator I should also be responsible.

4. Resourceful - This is something else I should also work on. I have to continue learning to be a resourceful teacher. I think that is one thing that an effect teacher should do. KEEP LEARNING

5. Reasonable - Being an reasonable teacher is very important when working with ELL students. ELL students can develop a log self of stem. So I think I should be reasonable when working with the.

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